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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the opening hours of the library?

Library opening hours, and details of any changes, are available here

What are the telephone numbers and e-mails for contacting the Library?

The Library telephone numbers and e-mails are available here

I would like to visit BU library. Could you tell me about access & visiting information?

For access to the library, go to Access Map. Information about conditions of use  please click here


How can I pay overdue fines over bank transfer?

See the details of bank account and other information at this page

I'm not a BU member. May I use the Library?

Information about conditions of use  please click here

What should I do if I can't find a book?

The online catalog will tell you if the item has been borrowed.  If it's not on loan and not where it should be on the shelves, it might be in the reshelving process; please consult the Checkout Service Desk. See also the "Making Sense of the Catalog" section of the "Library Guide" at the home page.

The book I am looking for has been borrowed by someone else. Is there a way to find out the person’s name?

No. The Library shall under the circumstances divulge such information to third parties.

How many items can I borrow at a time?

For information please click here

Where do I return the books that I have borrowed?

-Material borrowed from Reserve Department should be returned to Reserve Department
-Books borrowed from Circulation Desk can be returned to Circulation Desk or any of SelfCheck machines. Books must be returned at the place where they were checked out. (Circulation Desk, Reserve Desk, Near East Department)

How many books have I borrowed and how do I know the due dates of my books?

You can view your library record online through the Library's website. Click on the Your Patron Record and enter your name and barcode number to see which books you have out on loan and when they are due back.

Can I borrow journals, reference items or maps?

Journals, reference items and maps do not circulate. Patrons may take photocopies of those resources in the library.

I am new to BU University. Can I borrow library material?

All registered students can borrow material with their Boğaziçi University ID card.

How can I renew books without coming to the Library?

Books can be renewed online via Your Patron Record . A reminder notice will be e-mailed to you. Please check your e-mails every day! Failure to receive a notice does not excuse you from paying overdue fines.

I am not in İstanbul at the moment. Would it be possible to return the books that I borrowed by sending them by courier?

Yes, provided you bear in mind that in case of loss or damage the responsibility rests with you and ensure that you specify it's return of borrowed books and address the package to the attention "Ödünç Verme Bölümü" (Circulation Desk).
      Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi
      Ödünç Verme Bölümü
      34342 Bebek İSTANBUL

Could someone else borrow books from the Library on my behalf if I gave him or her my library card?

No. Such acts for which any liability rests on the user must accordingly be effected by the user personally.

How do I put a hold on a book that is checked out?

If you see, from Millenium, that an item is on loan, you can use the 'Request'  button and follow the prompts to request it. When a requested book is returned to the Library, it will be assigned a "on hold" status and will be kept for you up to 7 days at the hold shelf in the Checkout Service Desk. Please wait for an e-mail notice to arrive before coming to the Library to pick up your holds. Please note that you cannot use the online hold function to place holds on books that are listed as "Available" in the library catalog.

How can I check the items I borrowed and returned some time ago?

You can check the items that are currently out on loan and keep a record of books borrowed and returned in the past. Go to Your Patron Record and click on "My Reading History".

The book I wish to borrow is out on loan until the end the semester. Is this normal? Could there be something wrong with the system?

In accordance with the University Library Lending Policy instructors are entitled to borrow a book until the end of the semester in which they have checked out that book . Therefore, the book you are looking for, will almost certainly have been borrowed by an instructor.

Can I obtain items that are not held by the Library? (ILL)

Yes, we can obtain material not held by this Library for you, through the Interlibrary Loan service (ILL).  Full information about how to use this service is here

What happens if I lose an item?

Please inform the Circulation Desk if you lose an item you have borrowed. The staff will explain about options. Phone: +90 212 359 44 22

What are the policies for late returns and lost materials?

For information please click here


How can I get the journals I have found as a result of my search?

If you're looking for current issues, note the call number and find it in the Current Periodicals' Hall. If you're looking for issues published after 1980, find it in the Bound Periodicals' Hall in alphabetical order by title. Please ask library stuff in the Periodical Department for the volumes before 1980.

How can I access the journals which I have found as a result of my search in Bibliographic databases?

Please check the availability of journals in E-Journals Page and on the catalog.

Are all journals subscribed to available electronically?

No. Please check the electronic journals' list .

How can I find electronic journals related to my subject?

By clicking on the E-Journal Search in the Library's website, you'll see the lists of journals classified by name and subject.

What is the Citation Index? How can I make a search in the Citation Index?

The Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI®) provides access to current and retrospective bibliographic information, author abstracts, and cited references found in 5900 of the world's leading scholarly science and technical journals covering more than 150 disciplines.

The Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI®) provides access to current and retrospective bibliographic information, author abstracts, and cited references found in over 1725 of the world's leading scholarly social sciences journals covering more than 50 disciplines. You can search Citation Indexes in "Web of Knowledge" in here.

Where can I find theses and dissertations?

Master theses and doctoral dissertations completed in BU are located in the Reference Department, you can search on the catalog . If you want to search master theses and dissertations submitted to academic institutions across the world. Please click "Digital Dissertations Full Text" in here

What should I do if I need help in searching electronic sources?

Most databases have online user guides. You can view them by clicking on the "Help" button in the database interfaces.

Are electronic databases available off-campus?

Yes, to access our electronic sources from a remote location, follow the "Proxy Settings" link from Library’s home page, or by following the link. If you are not a BU member please see Conditions of Use.                                 


Where do I ask if I have a question? Where can I get more information?

In the Library the Reference Service Desk acts as the first point of contact for enquiries.  Staff there will arrange appropriate assistance for you, referring enquiries to specialist staff or Library departments, if necessary. The Library web pages contain detailed information about Library services and facilities. However, if you need additional information or would like to talk to someone directly, you are most welcome to contact a relevant member of Library staff. We will do our very best to help you.

Could you show me how to research a topic?

We have an electronic guide to research a topic in the library, please click here

Are there computers I can use in the Library?

There is a large PC cluster on the ground, first and second floor in the Library which University staff and students are welcome to search library catalog, online databases. There is also wireless internet in the library, you can use your laptop. There are also many other computer classrooms around campus which are freely available to staff and students of the University

What photocopying facilities are available?

The photocopy room is near the Reference Department on the ground level.

Why does the library security alarm go off when I don't have any library books?

The library's security system is not as discriminating as we would like it to be and we apologize for any embarassment or inconvenience. Some items besides library books which can set it off include textbooks from the Paper Owl or books from other bookstores, cellular phones, and videotapes. In the case of textbooks, library staff can desensitize them so they don't set off the alarm.

May I bring food or beverages into the library?

No. Food and beverages are not allowed in the library.

May I use the Library after graduating from BU?

Yes. For more information please click here

Can you give me information about copyright law?

The most comprehensive source of information about copyright is the U.S. Copyright Office. Their website should provide answers to most questions about copyright. Another good resource is the © (Copyright) Primer, an interactive tutorial and introduction to issues concerning copyright ownership and use of information. For copyright is in the Turkey please see http://www.telifhaklari.gov.tr/Kanunlar