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Settings for Remote Access to Online Databases

B.U. members may have off-campus access to the subscribed databases.

Users will be able to benefit from this facility upon fulfillment of the 2 requirements listed below. After that, when you click on a link to a database or e-journal, you will have to enter your name and barcode number.
  • You must have a valid library record.
  • You must have a Library barcode number and PIN code.

You need to delete the PROXY settings you have made before.


It will be enough to use the vpn service provided by our university for instructors. You can install the VPN service by following the necessary guidelines from the link below. After you start VPN, you can connect to any database without any adjustments.


Other Users:

All databases can be accessed from the "Off Campus Access" link at the far right of the line.

If the page does not require SSL (https://) validation, you can continue to use your old proxy settings.