Database Announcements

You can follow our databases that we have recently added to our inventory or opened to trial access.

Gale Research Complete-Premium

It's a grouping of several smaller collections into five larger ones. Gale Research Complete is a special collection that was assembled from primary and secondary sources. It contains articles, books, archive materials, and news sources on a wide range of scientific disciplines, including medicine, engineering, history, politics, sociology, philosophy, economics, and religion. The world's top journals, reference materials, archival records, encyclopedias, and literary sources are accessible for trial access until October 27 and contain simple-to-use features and distinctive search tools that encourage discovery.

Ebsco Ebook Super Collection

You can access more than 610,000 multidisciplinary books for your academic research on this platform.

Taylor & Francis (Complete Collection - Trial Access)

Within the scope of our Taylor & Francis database license, 160,000 books were made fully accessible in January and February.

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Sayısal Kitap (Complete Collection - Trial Access)

All of "SAYISAL KiTAP: Turkish Digital Library Collections" are open for trial access until 18.02.2024.

Ideal Online Journal Database

"Idealonline" is a database that gathers Popular and Academic Periodicals under one platform, provides access to comprehensive information in Turkish resources and offers them to the service of readers.


Hiperkitap is Turkey's first digital database with more than 27,000 Turkish content. That portfolio includes more than 400 publishers such as Yapı Kredi, Yeditepe, İz, Siyasal Kitabevi, Ekin, Büyük Doğu, Ezgi, KODLAB, Arıkan, Dharma, Hece, Hayat and Eflatun Publications. It provides access to thousands of books in 29 categories from literature to art, from mathematics to informatics, anytime, anywhere.


Learn Ottoman Turkish by spending 10 minutes a day. eOsmanlıca online education platform, which teaches Ottoman Turkish online with the easiest and most accurate techniques with gamification method, has been opened to the access of our university.


Access all dictionaries from one place with Dictionaries Database, which offers the opportunity to search and analyze dozens of dictionaries such as Kamus-i Türki, Redhouse, Vankulu Dictionary, Compilation Dictionary, Staingass has been opened to the access of our University. Thanks to, you can find the language, type, meaning and etymological origin information of the word you are looking for in dozens of dictionaries, similar and derivatives of the searched word, as well as words that cannot be read due to wear and erasure, and you can make detailed searches.

IEEE-MIT Presse Book Library

It is a specialized collection of eBook content in computer science and engineering technologies. Subject areas include computer science, artificial intelligence, information theory, computer programming, information technology and electrical engineering, with online access to 936 titles, expanding the research available to our university on a single platform.