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Conditions of Use

Membership Requirements

BU students, academic and administrative personnel who hold a valid BU identity card may use the same as a library card and have access to the Library services. BU alumni may use their existing alumni card in order to gain access.

Postgraduate students and academic staff from other educational institutions as well as corporate business and industrial organizations are only entitled to benefit from the Library services upon membership.

Non-BU students who are enrolled in summer courses are entitled to benefit from Library services upon payment of a deposit which they shall be able to recover once their affiliation with the institution is terminated.

Two categories of membership are available:

Admission-Only Membership

Such members are admitted to the Library and may benefit from all the services and facilities provided within the Library but are not entitled to borrow books. Postgraduate students and research assistants, academic staff from other universities only qualify for this type of membership and will accordingly be issued with a membership card bearing a photograph of the holder. BU graduates can enter the library presenting their alumni card, and still can apply for membership with borrowing rights.

Membership with Borrowing Rights

Such members are admitted to the Library and may benefit from the services provided by the Library as well as borrow 4 items for use outside the Library. BU graduates, faculty members of other universities and corporate business and industrial organizations may become members with borrowing rights upon which they shall be issued with a Library card bearing a unique barcode.

Documents required for membership

For membership applications to be processed the following documents are required in addition to the payment of the requisite membership fee:

  • One passport size photograph of the applicant
  • Alumni Card or a certified copy of their diploma for BU alumni
  • A university identity card issued by their respective universities for members of other universities

Users who fulfill the requisite requirements shall be issued with a “membership card”. Members are deemed to have undertaken to comply with the Library Regulations of Boğaziçi University. Membership cards must be presented at the entrance to the Library. All memberships are valid for a period of one year only. Upon the expiration of an existing membership, the latter may only be renewed on the condition that a new application is filed.

Applications for membership may be made on Monday - Friday, between 09:00 - 22:00 hours.

The Borrowing Rights for Users

Status Length of time Number of items
BU Undergraduate students 21 days 10
BU Postgraduate students 21 days 20
BU Faculty members (current or retired) 3 months 30
BU Personnel 21 days 4
Members with borrowing rights 21 days 4

- Borrowed material can be renewed 2 times by the user over internet.
- Overdue fines applied to all categories.
- All books can be renewd unless requested by another user.
- Users who have overdue books are not allowed to check-out books.

Fines for Late Returns

Late returns shall be subject to fines.

A fine is applicable in respect of each hour for items borrowed and not returned within two hours from the Course Material Reserve Section.

Fines are imposed on the basis of the library working hours; hence, no fines shall accrue on official public holidays and other days on which the library is closed.


No new items shall be lent to users who have overdue library material or unpaid fines.

Fines for late returns may not be annulled. The Library staff has no discretion to annul or defer fines payable.