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Services for Visually Handicapped

The Library's Braille Department specifically caters to the University's visually impaired student population. Equipment and software dedicated to special needs are made freely avalaible to enable access to all material in the Braille alphabet. The Library's catalog system permits students to use this material over the Internet. The Library has subscriptions with twelve periodicals published in the Braille alphabet. Study and reading rooms are available in the same department where students can also have access to both analogue and digital audio-books.

Services for Physically Handicapped

Arrangements made in the library to help physically handicapped users to effecively use it.
  • Users having difficulty passing thrugh turnstiles might notice the staff to use the wheelchair gate at the entrance.
  • An elevator is available for users who have trouble walking up/down the stairs.
  • There exist a wheelchair ramp with a standard slope at the stairs for Periodicals Department